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Raising Concrete

• Concrete raising is an extremely clean process that requires no demolition.
• Small 5/8″ diameter holes are drilled into the cement and polyurethane foam is fed by hose through the cement, filling the void below and lifting the slab to its original position.
• You can use the treated area immediately, minimizing any disruption to your home or business.
• The small diameter of the holes prevents slab-bottom breakout and produces nearly invisible scarring on the concrete's surface.
• 1/2 of the cost of replacement.

Our Product

• The polyurethane material is guaranteed for the entire life of the concrete.
• We use an eco-friendly polyurethane material.
• The polyurethane material is unaffected by cold weather.
• The material is extremely lightweight. By comparison, one cubic yard of “soil” weighs about 3,500 lbs; one cubic yard of low-mobility grout (mud-jacking) weighs about 3,000 lbs; one cubic yard of polymer material weighs about 250lbs! When using polyurethane, you are adding little additional overburden weight to an already distressed sub-grade.
• The material doesn't mold or decay and does not attract insects or rodents.
• The polyurethane material is completely waterproof and almost completely impermeable to other liquids.


• 1/2 of the Cost of Replacement.
• Drive and Walk On Same Day.
• Unaffected by cold weather.
• 8-Year guarantee on all workmanship.

Concrete Leveling and Void Filling Services

Help, my concrete has settled!

From homeowners to local business owners, we're often asked how Raising Solutions can fix settled concrete problems around homes and businesses. The secret is our polyurethane material that is specifically engineered for concrete raising and to withstand thousands of pounds of weight for eternity. Our product is guaranteed to last the entire life of the concrete.

Unlevel concrete is a liability for corporations and business owners.

We offer residential and commercial services including void filling and concrete leveling.

We can level any of the following surfaces:

Sidewalks, steps, front porches, basement and garage floors, decorative concrete, pool decks, void filling
Sidewalks, industrial floors, joint stabilization, loading ramps, void filling
City sidewalks, curbs, streets, city pools

Raising Solutions' Deep Foamjection

Considered an upgrade to standard concrete raising, Deep Foamjection is the process of installing foam deeper to increase the load bearing capacity of the soils

Benefits of Deep Foamjection

• An upgrade to subsurface concrete lifting.
• Repair unstable soils.
• Installing a stronger foundation to support slabs and structures that settled.
• Foam follows the path of least resistance and will fill weak areas.
• Fills fissures and ground voids.
• Fills voids holding water and displaces collected water.
• Increases load bearing capacity of subgrade.
• Permanent repair. Foam never changes shape and never absorbs ground water.
• Foam soaks into the weak soils and then expands, building the soil and making it solid.
• Does not leach chemicals into the ground.
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