About Raising Solutions

We’re proud to be Mid-Missouri’s top concrete lifting team!

We are here to fix the humps, bumps, and jumps in your Concrete!

Raising Solutions is a local, family-owned and operated concrete raising and leveling company. We’re proud to bring the expertise and resources needed to handle projects from small residential repairs to large-scale DOT projects. Through our high-density polyurethane concrete leveling process, we’ve helped thousands of customers solve their concrete slab lifting problems, saving them millions of dollars in costly repairs, downtime, and disruption.

Quality Workmanship

With over 50 years of experience in the concrete industry, we strive for excellent service and quality workmanship to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Free Estimates

We offer free online or on-site estimates. We’ll carefully review the details of each job with you before any work is started.

Fully Insured and OSHA Certified

We take our profession seriously. We are fully insured and follow OSHA guidelines to ensure the safety of our customers and crew.

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