Commercial Services

If you own, manage or lease commercial property, it’s your responsibility to keep all employees and customers safe. Commercial properties are full of concrete that’s intended to keep structures sound. However, concrete isn’t invincible and is prone to wear, tear and stress just like anything else. Are you sure your commercial property is as safe as it can be?

Concrete Leveling & Void Filling

Sidewalks, Steps, Porches, Patios, Driveways, Basement and Garage Floors, and more

Foundation Stabilization & Deep Foam Injection

Sea Walls

Concrete Leveling & Void Filling

Do you have uneven and broken concrete slabs, inside or outside of your building? Do you have a building with an uneven sidewalk or parking lot? All of these issues are often due to the natural soil settlement beneath your concrete. Over time, your uneven concrete can turn into a dangerous tripping hazard for your staff, clients or tenants. Whether you have a commercial space, warehouse or apartment complex, learn how you can quickly and effectively correct this concrete issue without a costly and messy replacement.

Foundation Stabilization & Deep Foam Injection

When a building structure is built on unstable soil, it can cause structural problems with its foundation. Deep Foam Injection is the only trench-less option that can re-stabilize the soil under your property and create a stronger foundation to support your structure without destroying your landscaping. 

Sea Walls

Do you have a failing sea wall? Have you noticed cracks in the sea wall, sink holes or have water penetrating the wall? Traditionally, a damaged seawall must be replaced at great expense to you. This process is not only time-consuming but also damaging to the environment. Raising Solutions can simply and permanently solve the problem within a single day’s work without the mess and expense of a complete replacement.

Our Process

Evaluate & Estimate

We look at your job and apply all of our concrete leveling expertise to determine your best solution. 

Site Prep

Once on your job site, we’ll do a soil analysis to determine how deep we need to go to stabilize your soil and level your concrete.


Our field technicians expertly perform the concrete leveling and deep foamjection process. This process not only restores your structures, but actually improves them.


After we verify that your concrete has been properly leveled, the injection hole(s) are filled discretely with new cement.


We review each job to verify your satisfaction, and we will answer any questions you may have about the work. Your concrete is now ready for immediately use.

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