What is Deep Foamjection?
What is polyjacking?

Polyjacking (also be known as polyurethane concrete raising or leveling, poly leveling, or even poly foam) is the process of injecting environmentally friendly foam under sunken concrete to lift and level. 

During this process, a small, dime-sized hole is drilled through the concrete slab and a tapered delivery port is installed into the hole. Raising the concrete with polyurethane foam is done with incremental injections. Within seconds, the polyurethane expands, compressing loose soils and raising your concrete, allowing us to monitor the process and preventing over-raising the slab. The polyurethane stabilizes the underlying soil and concrete, so it doesn’t fracture or fail.

What is deep foam injection?

Deep foam injection is the process of injecting polyurethane foam at specific depths underneath the foundation’s footer where settlement has occurred. By injecting the foam deeply beneath the footer, the foam compacts the loose soil that has caused the settlement of the foundation, displaces any water present underneath the foundation, and increases the load-bearing capacity of the soil that your property is built on.

What is the difference between general polyjacking and deep foam injection?
Polyjacking works to fill the void between your concrete and the settling sediment. The deep foam injection process drills deep into the soil bed, to compact the soil.
How are the holes filled?
After the concrete is raised, a foam plug is inserted into the hole and the hole is patched over with cement. The concrete is ready for use immediately.
How long will the repair last?
Our product is guaranteed to last the entire lifetime of the concrete.
How much weight can your product support?
Our polyurethane foam is formulated to be a permanent solution and strong enough to support thousands of pounds.
Is polyurethane foam safe for the environment?
Polyurethane foam consists of 39-49% renewable and recycled materials. Plus, it will never leach dangerous chemicals or pollute groundwater.

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